2D Minecraft — Part 1 — Damn Creeper!

25 Responses to 2D Minecraft — Part 1 — Damn Creeper!

  1. SuperNetherStar:

    ur hoese? LOL

  2. SstealthTVgamesS:



  3. Ben Wolf:

    pretty damn annoying too!

  4. ruta gaizutyte:

    You were not lucky when you blew up.

  5. Sgt. Wolfy:

    Dig with a pickaxe… Genius -_-

  6. Sgt. Wolfy:

    Who mines for giggles D: xD

  7. deathcrafter14:

    Alfie mayes u suck at minecraft u r jelous of his awesomeness SOOOOO STFU

  8. Patrick Staab:

    3 words;
    Extremely, terribly, lame

  9. alfie mayes:

    this guy is crap at minecraft even hes a dumb dipshit

  10. rubylooby1:

    no on terraria you can jump higher and when you mine a tree it all falls

  11. ChiefeyGaming:

    that must be confusing

  12. 62SABER62:

    So it’s basically Terraria.

  13. lisacolon98:


  14. lisacolon98:

    Yanafid if you have a ps3 add hotmam6789

  15. robbyteeuwen:

    This guy is pathetic…

  16. LordLeoDiVinci:

    2D minecraft?!?!?! sounds like terraria

  17. EpicFroggie:

    You download a mod.

  18. orb187:

    11:55. Squeky voice!

  19. Brianna D.:

    what would happen if you eat raw meat on minecraft

  20. Brianna D.:

    I’ve seen lava in a cave, so it doesn’t appear THAT deep

  21. Brianna D.:

    the 2d sucks, you can’t see as well

  22. Hamza TK:

    does that go the same as grabbing something( like after crafting…. Pickaxes, Swords, And other stuff that cant stack

  23. tobyfan01:

    hold shift when clicking

  24. tobyfan01:

    its a mod dumbass

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