Minecraft 1.4.2 Herobrine Жив!!! (Смотреть всем!)

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25 Responses to Minecraft 1.4.2 Herobrine Жив!!! (Смотреть всем!)

  1. HCTNT:


  2. kyle Rider:

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  3. waynechen251:

    I want subtitles~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. Scarlett Skye:

    I don’t get the ending does he die forever or does he keep killing people????

  5. Finlo MacDonald:

    I don’t get it.

  6. luistorres33179:

    Who is herobrine ??

  7. TylerTheNinja07:

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  8. Cheeso8910:

    Eye To Well, I Dunno, Eye?

  9. Dylen Douglas:

    Wow.. Another interesting ending

  10. grace star:

    herobrine 3 by machinimaRealm is here though

  11. nitro8710:

    Guys chill down do you want herobrine 3 then sedle down it will come out ok o.k

  12. Aviana Shelestak:

    Lol I got scared

  13. thesyndicatefan1234:

    herobrine 3?

  14. witherman5000:

    Herobrine never killed that guys brother it was that same endermen

  15. Christopher Alyadumi:

    What happend to the soldier guy u know the one who saved herobrine plus for anyone who doesn’t get the ending the guy who ran off with herobrine was the one who summond herobrine so they went off to kill stuff together

  16. Shawn Tay:

    Herobrine = slender man + zombie + nether + ender man + devil + courser + infector

  17. Adamaris Rivera:


  18. Adamaris Rivera:

    Herobrine is the devil and notch is god

  19. Icyhawk MC:

    Enderman + Slenderman = Herobrine


    Scare the shit out of me

  21. Parker Stadlberger:

    Wow… That was deep

  22. Irma Magdaraog:

    I dont get the ending

  23. AnnaCasterVo:

    So intense

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