Minecraft Beta:Ep.12 «The Creeper Queen»


24 Responses to Minecraft Beta:Ep.12 «The Creeper Queen»

  1. sigurd gunarsson:

    I mist the old school

  2. Christine Chen:

    me too i miss the past and it sad to see them

  3. DaVideoGameBeastr:

    Same here.

  4. DaVideoGameBeastr:

    awsome intro is awsome!

  5. Slayer360:

    No U Know im watching this at Youtube

  6. pokefan1107:

    That was one of the first videos i saw from you… memories ;(

  7. OBlueStreakNGU:

    are u really letting him know that after 2 years of him doing that?

  8. robandjes32:

    the creepers can blow up your items sly the creeper must have blow it up

  9. Ender Koning:

    just go up and up with the sand and shoot the queen

  10. frostbite892:

    I remember watching this 2 years ago when I was a minecraft noob. 🙂

  11. TotalXPvideos:

    1.5.2 XD

  12. Unstrike827:

    ACbrotherhood exactly the same thing happened to me

  13. ACbrotherhood0wnz:

    I remember watching this video before I knew who u were. At that point I had no YouTube account but I found this video in about 2012 once I had been subbed to you for about 11 months and I was like omg I remember this video

  14. Matvil Crams Forsaken:

    wazzup homies 🙂

  15. Matvil Crams Forsaken:

    im watching this on 1.5.1


  16. TheHuntingPals:

    No that was classic, WhatWillUPick. Alpha was after classic, then indebted, then indebted, then there’s alpha, then beta, then now minecraft

  17. WhatWillUPick:

    Alpha came before Beta and alpha is pretty much when they kinda started minecraft with just old school rules and items…

  18. Daan Kluin:

    This is litterly the first video i watches from you Sly Gotta love the old stuff!

  19. Braeden Khargie:

    Unknown islands is what it is called

  20. Braeden Khargie:

    Join my minecraft server

  21. Elliot Joseph:

    I have minecraft alpha not beta. someone please tell me the difference

  22. blinda321:

    like if u think the guy making the video is getting horny from the queen creeper

  23. Bluewolf641:

    same thing for me

  24. Taylor Olson:

    i was dinking around on utube and came across this video and this is what started my love for you sly 🙂

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