Minecraft DayZ



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  1. WolfxxxGamer:

    Do u need mod loader for this?

  2. pablo campozano:

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  3. алёха мамонов:

    ты гавно

  4. nlanders46:


  5. MrAdictedGamer:


  6. Charles Gosline:

    If you mod the Xbox edition of Minecraft, you will sadly be banned for modding

  7. Adam Bro:

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  8. ZTPoison:

    @bruce lee No. lol

  9. Lefteris Nicolaou:


  10. bruce lee:

    is this mod compatible with Xbox?
    i hope

  11. Nyya Brown:

    you spell night wrong

  12. Ben Robson:

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  13. ben b:

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  14. nkmuliana:

    Have it allreadly

  15. dex h:

    CHEST ON LEFT 8:22

  16. TWIalex11:

    1 second ago this was posted

  17. OfficiallBenPlays:

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  18. AccaDacca23:

    But the sun is

  19. AccaDacca23:

    It’s not a new texture pack

  20. luke keeling:

    I tried it and I found a village 🙂

  21. TheTquo:

    Hey guys. Im a small youtuber looking to grow an audience.
    My videos are mainly Minecraft right now. Come check out my channel and tell me what you think. :)

  22. ThePowerBomb1:

    Oh. My. God. Shut the fuck up, calling people retards and shit. He was just trying to help you and you had nothing better to do but call him a retard you little piece of crap. Get your head out of your ass, it isn’t a hat.

  23. DilutedDreams:

    They sure load you up with food. Like.. that’s a lot that you find

  24. OfficialFlanZ:

    check out flan-z.com for real dayz in minecraft!

  25. eddyzinhuUu:


  26. Samuel Paiva:

    11:30 quase morri

  27. emanuel knofel:


  28. caio angelis:

    Video ja com .minecraft watch?v=8zKQMv3Sfg8 ja com mapa e tudo

  29. venom black:

    epicamente epico

  30. Luis Valerio:

    Facebook fanpage: Fanaticos por minecraft curtam

  31. Vitor Silva:

    Nossa cara legal 🙂 Agora senta lá.

  32. Vitor Silva:

    vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai toooomaaaa no seu cuuuuuuuu criannnçaaaaa do caraaaaaaaaalho

  33. vitor aqunio Pinto:

    nossa assustei com o zumbi mano

  34. fabio junior:

    quem ta vendo em 2013 da joinha

  35. pedrogameplayify:

    muito loco mano

  36. MarianaMelo2012:

    muito legal kkkkk

  37. MisterCraft234GAMES:

    eu Baixei e coloquei no meu serve mais aí os itens não reseta alguem ajuda

  38. VirusEconomico:

    5:30 quem olhou pra ver se era o seu skype da joinha

  39. Guilherme Dos Santo:

    caramba levei um susto com o zumbi de chapeu

  40. raul martins:

    venom e se suisidar caindo de um predio quinem se tá no 11:12 ?

  41. TheSrSorriso:

    tantatantantantnantanantantant tututututututututtooooo

  42. keuvin cabecy:

    voce e dimais

  43. Gabriel Nóbrega:

    venom baixa o mod item tweaks

  44. SrUndead Pacman:

    Maldido venom, pensava que era o meu skype e nao era xD

  45. kauã seno:

    para iluminar
    a noite

  46. kauã seno:

    so falta o fler nesse mod

  47. gabriel oliveira:

    1;50 quando e venom bateu no zumbi ele ficou com olhos brancos de vc sabe quem

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