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  1. عبدالعزيز الحربي:

    انتبهو في فيروس

  2. minecraftplayer12ish:

    this is dumb is minecraft classic

  3. Kuba Piekunko:

    it is a firus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Andrew Vakalasaqele:

    the site of the exe minecraft download

  5. Andrew Vakalasaqele:

    can you next time show the site

  6. tiffinyzmookv:

    I like playing Minecraft. i got Minecraft completely free right from here:

  7. yvonnerochoaq:

    I simply down loaded Minecraft 100 % free provided by this specific web-site:

  8. magdaibertaq:

    Minecraft is the shit. You can easily join for a free premium account and start playing today. It’s painless, and requires just a few short minutes. What are you waiting around for? Take a look at this web site and get it before the deal expires:

  9. onietnicksb:

    Minecraft is the top game. Now you can play FREE for a limited when you grab a cost-free premium account just like I did. The following is the website I came across with no cost premium Minecraft accounts:

  10. palmiraytrubyp:

    Complimentary Minecraft premium for everyone! But only while the deal lasts. Once I discovered the web site, joining had taken a couple of mins, and after that I was actively playing free premium Minecraft. Get it while you can right here:

  11. Elithegreat305:


  12. Elithegreat305:

    I dont think so

  13. littillittil7:

    dose it mess up your computer

  14. metalmaniacs3:

    Guys, check out my channel. I have a video of a minecraft download that actually works. I’ve even gotten comments that like the video because of how well it works. Please like so people can see this.

  15. Anderson Adi:

    no proprio site tem para baixar 

  16. scraggy360:

    link broken

  17. 15linkinparkdude:

    I just want to download Minecraft from a site that wont put a bunch of shit of my computer

  18. Stefan Nesovski:

    Yes,but the files on that site have 80% of chance to have a Virus. :

  19. Frankinstuff lolfaceghq:

    fuck u just pay

  20. idan468:

    link isnt working

  21. Robert Gray:

    fucking deleted bitch

  22. Lloyd Dencer:

    media gave my laptop a virus

  23. Strange Moose:

    Me? (i’m the maker of the video just different account)

  24. Alexandre Machado:

    on facebook i forgot

  25. NothingScaryMan:

    What was that?

  26. BananenDealer NL:

    it is a test video now GET OUT!!! XD

  27. BananenDealer NL:


  28. bry066:

    wat is nope.avi

  29. BananenDealer NL:


  30. BananenDealer NL:


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