Minecraft in GTA 4!


47 Responses to Minecraft in GTA 4!

  1. carmen franklin:

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  2. Terangi Haley:


  3. ahmed alhamadi:

    كفو الهاك  يالانجليزي -_-

  4. Djsekc jones:

    i love dis video if you know im saying

  5. sahanaumova:

    No no no

  6. Firephly90cr:

    Colin the Creeper: «WHY DOES NO-ONE LOVE ME?!!!»

  7. Firephly90cr:

    I love this!!! Would have been funny if creeper was depressed because no-one liked to be around him…. 😛

  8. Daniel Salas:

    how do you get these mods?

  9. Marketfullman:

    Do a James Bond mod

  10. Munchasoraus:

    OMFG! IM ROTFLING BITCHES!!!! and yeah minecraft is pretty fucking easy.

  11. trootrooper:

    Can you make a video called: the life of Steve(GTA)?

  12. Maddox Labored:

    Sexy piggies ha ha more like sexy hookers if you know what I’m sayin

  13. EvilDragon16:

    thats the most funny is’t thing i ever seen mate your epic

  14. Heelistas19:

    The best video on YouTube I believe

  15. iTzAstroidz:

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  16. justdoit094:

    Thid vid is so damn funny n clever

  17. torioceano:

    Fuck mine craft

  18. kevin solares:

    578 people have a penis the size of the dislike bar

  19. salman almuohnna:

    اللي عربي لايك

  20. Majestic Budder:

    The Song At The End Is Called…

  21. Bryan Contreras:


  22. eduardodeion21:


  23. nevzat kemal:

    ending music name ;?

  24. MrMiSieK010:

    Music at the end ?

  25. jimmonybilly:

    1010232ful it aint niko u faggot

  26. cjgray2611:

    Walk in the lava bitch

  27. athlactic1100:

    Make part 3!!!

  28. kempe96:

    haha wtf is this! Great video man!

  29. theorionkane01:

    How did you do this?

  30. realdevinallen:

    gold noob say butter skydoesminecraft say

  31. jesus mendoza:

    Part 2?

  32. BoxcastOli:

    Pro illy mod or graphics

  33. Randy Rif:

    What the hell

  34. therealboogie10:

    But the weird thing is that nether portals were added in 1.2.0

  35. therealboogie10:

    InfDev — something before alpha 1.2.0

  36. MrPalik123:

    grand theft skybloc

  37. Broniescreepypastas2:

    how did you even do this????

  38. 161genius:

    Is nether world out? If not then when?



  40. Jack Lee:

    That’s awesome

  41. adrianmag39:

    cool !

  42. cancerfree200:

    next i am watching minecraft in gta san andeares

  43. cancerfree200:

    that would be so cool if u could do that
    right tell me u r with me

  44. Minecraft4BRITZ:

    people hw say that are french or play roblox

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