Villager News (Minecraft Animation)



25 Responses to Villager News (Minecraft Animation)

  1. xXMagenta2Xx:

    bum bum ba, bum bum ba, bum bum ba, bum

    Villager num. 14: This isn’t very effective.

  2. Brian Maldonado:

    apple pie

  3. zomb3slayr:

    Pumpkin pie (PS. That was hillarios)

  4. tannerblake2002:

    My fav pie is PewDiePie

  5. Joseph Gorringe:

    Pumpkin Pie!

  6. Jack Ure:

    Blueberry pie

  7. polkiefan:

    but one thing i dont get how can they fly :/

  8. MegaChuggaaconroyFan:

    Can you make an extended version of the Sparta parody music?

  9. ClickerFilms:

    Cottage pie

  10. polkiefan:

    and i love the random presser plate missle 😀

  11. Ryan Hall:

    Key lime pie

  12. polkiefan:

    i love there voices 😀 its so funny 😀 lol

  13. TheDaffyCraft:

    2:48 — this is minecraft!!!

  14. عمر العجاجي:

    Monkey pie :p

  15. supercook253:

    Chocolate peanut butter with bacon. (it’s a real thing!)

  16. Shaldon8:

    mince pie emm no will u make another

  17. KoPperGoLd86:

    Pumpkin pie

  18. Thegameingmaster117:


  19. rangerdanger326:

    Cinnimon apple pie

  20. thehiwye:

    Moore villager news!

  21. BountyHunterO51:

    Black Walnut Pie

  22. porkchop38MC:

    Oh and my favorite pie is apple pie. mmmmm apple pie

  23. porkchop38MC:

    plz make more villager news

  24. IrishPhoenix423:

    Chocolate pie

  25. luka nonkovic:

    this is cool
    make more of thease

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